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Surely, we know the key to survival for any person who may be a victim of an emergency crisis is having somebody nearby who can call for help and perform basic life support (CPR). An accident or an illness can occur anywhere, anytime and to anyone. Precisely, therefore we need the correct knowledge and practical skills wherefore being effectively trained we can perform the correct first aid to the victim until the Emergency Services arrive.

MFA International (MEDIC FIRST AID) is a worldwide innovator and leader in Emergency Care Training Programs. The goal of Medic First Aid Training is to help a layperson learn Basic Emergency Care skills appropriate to their needs at work, wherefore they can give the same priorities of care, approach and safety in first aid.

Having your employees trained Medic First Aid would provide credentials along with increased safety awareness and improved skill level when dealing with accidents, injuries, illnesses and emergencies that may come across during their area of work, or at any environment that they may be at.

MFA programs are taught in more than 90 countries and 14 different languages. Also now in Greece and Cyprus as representatives of MFA International we provide a team of Medic First Aid Instructors who are trained to teach persons or groups of persons in Emergency Care. Instructors use a standardized training Manuel and a set of modularized live action training videos. Students have their own Manuel and visual workbook to aid in the learning process. This can be taught in the Greek or English language, according to your requirements.

The Medic First Aid program includes courses, which are fully approved and are in full compliance with the current legislation laid down by the Health and Safety Executive. Our company is full approved from the World Safety Organization.

Commitment to excellence

EMP has made a commitment to excellence in program quality, the caliber of student support materials, and in instructional methodology. This commitment has led to a phenomenal growth in acceptance and recognition for MEDIC FIRST AID training in Europe.

MEDIC FIRST AID courses are endorsed by the World Safety Organization.

MEDIC FIRST AID courses meet the recommendation laid down by the European Resuscitation Council.

Our Organization is approved by the Ministry of Labor with certification no. TEE

Our Organization is approved for subsidized training from the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus


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